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Week 5: Workout 2 + The Importance of Good Underwear

Do not adjust your screens.

You read that right.

Two gym visits in one week.

Two PT sessions in one week.

Crazy, huh?! Continue reading “Week 5: Workout 2 + The Importance of Good Underwear”


Week 5: Workout 1

Late again, I know. Apologies. But for a (fairly) good reason. I am now on holiday for a week. Huzzah! But at least it means that I can catch up on a few things around and about. Plus I get to do it all whilst sat in my parents’ house in France. Tough life, huh? Continue reading “Week 5: Workout 1”

Week 4: Workout 1 + Nutrition

I know you all missed me and have been all “OMG – where is the usual weekly post about his session with his PT, let alone the follow-up post?!” So for all of y’all …


Now just let me set aside my self-delusion for a few moments …. Continue reading “Week 4: Workout 1 + Nutrition”

Week 3: I’ve Got Elbows

Oh my wow … Turns out that doing lots of lifting (grrr … pumping iron … rawr …) makes the muscles in your arms seize up and ache like buggery. Who’d a thunk it?! Continue reading “Week 3: I’ve Got Elbows”

Week 3: Workout 1

You may have noticed that I title all of these as Week [number]: Workout [number] but that the workout number never increases higher than one … The reason for that continues to be the infernal injury. Continue reading “Week 3: Workout 1”

Week 2: Workout 1

Marley was dead: to begin with.

That was what went through my head as I walked into the gym Monday morning. I’m guessing that it was a combination of my breakfast and the number of people in the room. You see, I’d decided to prepare some ‘overnight oats’ to eat on the bus into town (I have a 20 minute walk plus 50 minute bus ride to get to work/gym). Continue reading “Week 2: Workout 1”

Week 1: Dom’s DOMS

I was expecting soreness. Beyond my daily 20 minute walk to the bus every day and any evening walks that I squeeze in this has been my only proper exercise for … long enough that I can’t actually remember. Of course I was going to be sore – especially my thighs and my chest. What I got instead can be classified as DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. To be honest, I’m not sure that it deserves it’s own proper name. I mean, you do something and the next day you hurt … Pretty much common sense, right?

Continue reading “Week 1: Dom’s DOMS”

Week 1: Workout 1

It’s been a bit of a circuitous route but I’m finally going to talk about my first gym session … In summary – it was good … but could’ve gone better!

My regular slot with Mark is 8am on Mondays. (Yes – you read that right.) I leave home dressed for the gym – with trackies over my shorts because I don’t want to frighten the sheep too badly – and my work clothes folded ever so neatly in my rucksack. Continue reading “Week 1: Workout 1”

Beginnings: A Desire For Change

So last time I wrote about my need for change, and this time I want to look at my desire for change and how I finally made things happen.

Despite my talent for avoidance, for under-rug sweeping, I am not blind. I am not unaware. (And neither would you be when your mother flip-flops between “My, aren’t you getting fat?” and “Why are you not eating? You should eat.” Which possibly tells you all you need to know.)

Continue reading “Beginnings: A Desire For Change”

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